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 United States Recognition of Vietnam

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hani shammas

hani shammas

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PostSubject: United States Recognition of Vietnam   United States Recognition of Vietnam EmptyWed Jan 28, 2009 8:55 am

Today, I am announcing the normalization of diplomatic relationships with Vietnam. From the beginning of this administration, any improvement in relationships between America and Vietnam has depended upon making progress on the issue of Americans who were missing in action or held as prisoners of war. Last year, I lifted the trade embargo on Vietnam in response to their cooperation and to enhance our efforts to secure the remains of lost Americans and to determine the fate of those whose remains had not been found.
It has worked. In 17 months Hanoi has taken important steps to help us resolve many cases. Twenty-nine families have received the remains of their loved ones, and at last have been able to give them the proper burial. Hanoi has delivered to us hundreds of pages of documents shedding light on what happened to Americans in Vietnam, and Hanoi has stepped up its cooperation with Laos, where many Americans were lost. We have reduced the number of so-called 'discrepancy cases,' in which we have had reason to believe that Americans were still alive after they were lost, to 55, and we will continue to work to resolve more cases.…
Let me emphasize, normalization of our relations with Vietnam is not the end of our effort. From the early days of this administration I have said to the families and veterans groups what I say again here. We will keep working until we get all the answers we can.
Our strategy is working. Normalization of relations is the next appropriate step. With this new relationship, we will be able to make more progress. To that end, I will send another delegation to Vietnam this year. Vietnam has pledged it will continue to help us find answers. We will hold them to that pledge.
By helping to bring Vietnam into the community of nations, normalization also serves our interest in working for a free and peaceful Vietnam in a stable and peaceful Asia. We will begin to normalize our trade relations with Vietnam, whose economy has been liberalizing and integrating into the economy of the Asia Pacific region.
Our policy will be to implement the appropriate United States government programs to develop trade with Vietnam, consistent with United States law. As you know, many of these programs require certifications regarding human rights and labor rights before they can proceed. We have already begun discussing human rights issues with Vietnam, especially issues regarding religious freedom. Now, we can expand and strengthen that dialogue.…
I believe normalization and increased contact between Americans and Vietnamese will advance the cause of freedom in Vietnam just as it did in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. I strongly believe that engaging the Vietnamese on the broad economic front of economic reform, and the broad front of democratic reform, will help to honor the sacrifice of those who fought for freedom's sake in Vietnam.
I am proud to be joined in this view by distinguished veterans of the Vietnam War. They served their country bravely. They are from different parties. A generation ago, they had different judgments about the war which divided us so deeply. But today, they are of a single mind. They agreed that the time has come for America to move forward on Vietnam.…
Whatever we may think about the political decisions of the Vietnam era, the brave Americans who fought and died there had noble motives. They fought for the freedom and the independence of the Vietnamese people. Today the Vietnamese are independent. And we believe this step will help to extend the reach of freedom in Vietnam, and in so doing to enable these fine veterans of Vietnam to keep working for that freedom.
This step will also help our own country to move forward on an issue that has separated Americans from one another for too long now. Let the future be our destination. We have so much work ahead of us. This moment offers us the opportunity to bind up our own wounds. They have resisted time for too long. We can now move on to common grounds. Whatever divided us before, let us consign to the past. Let this moment in the words of Scripture, 'Be a time to heal, and a time to build.' Thank you all. And God bless America.
Source: 1996 Collier’s Year Book.
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the slayer emperor
the slayer emperor

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PostSubject: Re: United States Recognition of Vietnam   United States Recognition of Vietnam EmptySun Mar 08, 2009 10:00 pm

thnx for the info

the slayer emperor
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United States Recognition of Vietnam
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