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 be METAL By Caroline Khalil

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be METAL   By Caroline Khalil Empty
PostSubject: be METAL By Caroline Khalil   be METAL   By Caroline Khalil EmptyTue Nov 04, 2008 9:27 am

How can a music so centered on anger, hate and violence be a positive force in the world? Is it?

What does it mean to "be METAL"? I'm trying to redefine the word to fit what it REALLY means (to metal heads), putting to bed the claims of Satan-baby-goat-sacrifice-eating-worship-rites and intolerance (they might exist in the scene, but they do not DEFINE it!) Since I'd like to think it really is a positive force (and metal heads are mostly good people)and it is not about religion it's the creation that makes anger a way to survive..
The backbone of heavy metal is the electric guitar. You can't have metal without at least one guitarist, and many bands have two or more. Certain genres have some quiet and mellow parts, but most metal is loud, intense, fast and aggressive. The vocal styles in heavy metal range from melodic singing to aggressive singing to unintelligible screaming, depending on the genre.
First of all you should start by saying that metal isn't simply noise, but possibly the most complex musical gender created up to date (it is just above classical in this field) because of this however, and because of its highly distortional instruments not everybody understands it.
Not everyone appreciates metal, that’s why its listeners tend to have some sort of community. Heavy metal fans are some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people around, who aren't afraid to make their opinions known
Metal heads will usually buy shirts and clothes with their favorite bands names and icons on them. To add to this, it is not uncommon that when two complete strangers with a "metal" shirt meet in a mall or public area, they will, on the very least make a gesture in salute.
(At least that happens to me Razz)
Everyone has a softer side and a more aggressive one:) Maybe that's why we love metal - it expresses both sides and is musically complex.
Metal fans are usually considered aggressive, because the music SOUNDS like this for many people. And, yeah, we DO look aggressive in black clothes Very Happy and many 'others' just don't know that ,they shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
I guess I’m not as interested in people who believe in metal as a means of destroying the world or whatever. Such people are just taking out their own problems on everyone else, which is lame and immature.
Metalheads seem dark and twisted because they are willing to recognize the world as it really is, as a messed up place ''not a pessimistic view but only reality''. Everyone else is living in a fantasy wonderland and in total denial
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be METAL By Caroline Khalil
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