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 [i]My Mortal Sorrow[/i]

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[i]My Mortal Sorrow[/i] Empty
PostSubject: [i]My Mortal Sorrow[/i]   [i]My Mortal Sorrow[/i] EmptyWed Nov 05, 2008 6:38 am

[center][color:b994=violet][b][i]..My mortal sorrow..[/i][/b][/color][/center]
[color:b994=violet][i][right]by:Oula Yafi[/right][/i][/color][color:b994=blue]Why are we supposed to live in places we don’t want to be in???
Why are we forced to do things we don’t even believe in???
Why each time we cry, no one is there to catch our tears???
And when we are alone, no one is there to erase our fears???
I’m bored of living this life..
I want to stand up and turn on each light..
I want to paint my life with each shining color..
I want to see my self smiling when I look at the mirror..
But how??? When iam standing alone??
When iam living with no hope??
When I have no one to adore??
Or when each time I trust someone, he closes the door??
Iam so stuck with my sorrow..
I turned into a soul with no even shadow..
I don’t know where to go with my pain..
Above that all I have no one to blame..
Should I stay like this, with no wish??
Or maybe my life was written to be lived like this..
Please god, show me the way..
Coz iam now thinking to take my things and go away..
And what things do I have to take with??
My sadness?? My tears?? Or my far away dreams???
I wanna go to a far away land..
Where there is nothing, but see and sand..
Where I will never be sad..
But where can I find this land??
There is no such one in our map..
I guess my luck will always make me mad..
Should I give up???
Should I put my hands in the air and be the one to blame???
Should I admit that I want my life to end ??
Or should I leave that to my self ??
I have now reached in my live to the last page..
Iam locked in a very small cage..
And I don’t have the key..
No one can ever see me..
even though, I screamed so loud to ask who has my key..
But no one wanted to hear me..
that’s how my life was written to be..
But from now on every thing is going to change..
And Iam going to turn my sadness into faith..
Because every one can change his fate..
And iam gonna turn all my love into hate
Iam going to show people my other face..
A face they have never seen before..
Because the sadness isn’t what I was born for..
From now on..
Iam not that nice girl anymore,
Iam not that respecting girl any more,
Iam not that sweet talking girl anymore,
Iam not my self anymore,
So everyone, wave goodbye..
The End..[/color]
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[i]My Mortal Sorrow[/i]
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