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 Skills and resources of ZORRO

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Skills and resources of ZORRO Empty
PostSubject: Skills and resources of ZORRO   Skills and resources of ZORRO EmptyThu Dec 04, 2008 10:27 am

[b][size=25][center]Skills and resources of ZORRO[/center]

[size=21]Zorro ([/size][url=][u][size=21][color:2c89=#0000ff]Guy Williams[/u][/color][/size][/url][size=21]) and Bernardo ([/size][url=][u][size=21][color:2c89=#0000ff]Gene Sheldon[/u][/color][/size][/url][size=21]) in the 1950s [/size][url=][i][u][size=21][color:2c89=#0000ff]Zorro[/i][/u][/color][/size][/url][size=21] television series
Zorro is a quite agile athlete and acrobat, using his bullwhip as a gymnastic accoutrement to swing through gaps between city roofs, and is very capable of landing from great heights and taking a fall. Although he is a master swordsman and marksman, he has more than once demonstrated his more than able prowess in unarmed combat, against multiple opponents.
His calculating and precise dexterity as a tactician has enabled him to use his two main weapons, his sword and bullwhip, as an extension of his very deft hand. He never uses brute strength, more his fox-like sly mind and well-practiced technique to outmatch an opponent.
Some versions of Zorro have a medium-sized dagger tucked in his left boot for emergencies. He has used his cape as a blind, a trip-mat--and when used effectively--a disarming tool. Zorro's boots are also sometimes weighted, as is his hat, which he has thrown, Frisbee-like, as an efficiently substantial warning to enemies. Usually he uses psychological mockery to make his opponents too angry to be coordinated in combat.
Zorro is also a skilled horseman. The name of his horse has varied through the years. In [i]The Curse of Capistrano[/i] it was unnamed. Later versions named the horse [i]Tornado[/i]/[/size][url=][i][u][size=21][color:2c89=#0000ff]Toronado[/i][/u][/color][/size][/url][size=21], or [i]Tempest[/i].
McCulley's concept of a band of men helping Zorro is often absent from other versions of the character. An exception is [/size][url=][i][u][size=21][color:2c89=#0000ff]Zorro's Fighting Legion[/i][/u][/color][/size][/url][size=21] (1939), starring [/size][url=][u][size=21][color:2c89=#0000ff]Reed Hadley[/u][/color][/size][/url][size=21] as Diego.
In Disney's [/size][url=][i][u][size=21][color:2c89=#0000ff]Zorro[/i][/u][/color][/size][/url][size=21] television series, Diego's servant Bernardo pretends to be deaf as well as mute and serves as Zorro's spy. He is also a capable and invaluable helper for Zorro and Diego, even wearing the mask himself occasionally to reinforce his master's charade. The character was both deaf and mute in the original McCulley stories.
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Skills and resources of ZORRO
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