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 Damascus in history by hani shammas

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Damascus in history by hani shammas Empty
PostSubject: Damascus in history by hani shammas   Damascus in history by hani shammas EmptyThu Dec 04, 2008 8:10 am

[b][font:739d='Verdana']Very Early History[/font][/b]
[font:739d='Verdana']Damascus is known to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. There is firm evidence that in the third millennium BC, Damascus was bom a population center of a civilization that was considerably prosperous and economically influential. The earliest reference to the city was found in the archaeological I love you site of Ebla in 1975; where the word "Damaski" was found on one of the clay tablets. Some historians believe that the pig city actually dates back to the seventh millennium BC. [/font]
[b][font:739d='Verdana']Aramaeans and Assyrians[/font][/b]
[font:739d='Verdana']However, there is no knowledge about how Damascus was in the third millennium BC. The documented history of the city starts Rolling Eyes in the second millennium BC, in the Amorite period, when Damascus became the capital of a small Aramaean principality. Aramaeans spoke a northern Arabian dialect of Arabic, later called Syriac or Aramaic. They originated from the Arabian Peninsula and What a Face moved northwards to settle in the Fertile Crescent. The moderate Idea climate and fertile soil of Syria made it an ideal place for the settlement of the Aramaeans. Being a natural oasis irrigated by the River Barada, Damascus became an increasingly important city in the Aramaean Kingdom, as mentioned in the Mad Old Testament. It's said that city used to be known as "Dar Meshq", which stands for "a well-watered place". [/font]
[font:739d='Verdana']Threat to the Aramaean kingdoms came from the Evil or Very Mad east, where the Assyrians of Mesopotamia were trying to expand their territory. After several battles, the Assyrian armies managed to reach Cool the Syrian coast and in 841 BC, Damascus was besieged and taken by King Hadad Niari III.[/font]
[font:739d='Verdana']It is most probable that the remains of the Aramaean town lie buried under the eastern part of the old walled city. However, Cool excavation of the area is almost impossible because of the architectural value of the monuments and buildings standing there today. Very Happy It is believed that the major buildings of the Aramaean era were the Temple of Hadad and the Royal Palace. The Temple was built on the site now occupied by the Great Omayyad Mosque, Wink and was dedicated to Hadad, the god of storm. Ruins believed to have belonged to the Temple were found in 1949 during restorations pirat in the Omayyad Mosque.[/font]
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Damascus in history by hani shammas
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