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 Countries in order of total speakers

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Countries in order of total speakers Empty
PostSubject: Countries in order of total speakers   Countries in order of total speakers EmptySun Nov 30, 2008 11:27 am

Countries in order of total speakers[/b][/size]
[table:fe72 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=623 border=0][tr][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="3%"]1[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]United States[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="5%"]251,388,301[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="9%"]83%[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]215,423,557[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="13%"]35,964,744[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="58%"]Source: US Census 2006: [url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff]Language Use and English-Speaking Ability: 2006[/u][/color][/url], Table 1. Figure for second language speakers are respondents who reported they do not speak English at home but know it "very well" or "well". Note: figures are for population age 5 and older[/td][/tr][tr][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="3%"]2[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]India[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="5%"]90,000,000[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="9%"]8%[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]178,598[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="13%"]65,000,000 [i]second[/i] language speakers.
25,000,000 [i]third[/i] language speakers[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="58%"]Figures include both those who speak English as a [i]second language[/i] and those who speak it as a [i]third language[/i]. 1991 figures.[url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff][25][/u][/color]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-25"[u][color:fe72=#0000ff][26][/u][/color][/url] The figures include English [i]speakers[/i], but not English [i]users[/i].[url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff][27][/u][/color][/url][/td][/tr][tr][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="3%"]3[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"][url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff]Nigeria[/u][/color][/url][/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="5%"]79,000,000[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="9%"]53%[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]4,000,000[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="13%"]>75,000,000[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="58%"]Figures are for speakers of [url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff]Nigerian Pidgin[/u][/color][/url], an English-based pidgin or creole. Ihemere gives a range of roughly 3 to 5 million native speakers; the midpoint of the range is used in the table. Ihemere, Kelechukwu Uchechukwu. 2006. "[url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff]A Basic Description and Analytic Treatment of Noun Clauses in Nigerian Pidgin.[/u][/color][/url]" [i]Nordic Journal of African Studies[/i] 15(3): 296–313.[/td][/tr][tr][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="3%"]4[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]United Kingdom[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="5%"]59,600,000[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="9%"]98%[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]58,100,000[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="13%"]1,500,000[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="58%"]Source: Crystal (2005), p. 109.[/td][/tr][tr][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="3%"]5[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"][url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff]Philippines[/u][/color][/url][/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="5%"]45,900,000[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="9%"]52%[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]27,000[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="13%"]42,500,000[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="58%"]Total speakers: Census 2000, [url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff]text above Figure 7[/u][/color][/url]. 63.71% of the 66.7 million people aged 5 years or more could speak English. Native speakers: Census 1995, as quoted by Andrew Gonzalez in [url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff]The Language Planning Situation in the Philippines[/u][/color][/url], Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 19 (5&6), 487-525. (1998)[/td][/tr][tr][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="3%"]6[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]Canada[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="5%"]25,246,220[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="9%"]76%[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]17,694,830[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="13%"]7,551,390[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="58%"]Source: 2001 Census - [url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff]Knowledge of Official Languages[/u][/color][/url] and [url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff]Mother Tongue[/u][/color][/url]. The native speakers figure comprises 122,660 people with both French and English as a mother tongue, plus 17,572,170 people with English and not French as a mother tongue.[/td][/tr][tr][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="3%"]7[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]Australia[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="5%"]18,172,989[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="9%"]92%[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="6%"]15,581,329[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="13%"]2,591,660[/td][td:fe72 vAlign=center width="58%"]Source: 2006 Census.[url=][u][color:fe72=#0000ff][28][/u][/color][/url] The figure shown in the first language English speakers column is actually the number of Australian residents who speak only English at home. The additional language column shows the number of other residents who claim to speak English "well" or "very well". Another 5% of residents did not state their home language or English proficiency.[/td][/tr][/table]
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Countries in order of total speakers
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