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 Athena(the city of old gods)

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Athena(the city of old gods) Empty
PostSubject: Athena(the city of old gods)   Athena(the city of old gods) EmptySat Apr 24, 2010 9:23 am

[font:edb1=&quot]The ancient city of Athens
is the capital of Greece. Athens has a rich history, dating from the 9th
century bc, and the city’s ancient
landmarks and monuments are recognized all around the world. It is the
country’s largest city—about 745,514 people live there.[/font]

[color:edb1=#FFC000][font:edb1=&quot]MYTHICAL BEGINNINGS[/font][/color]

[font:edb1=&quot]According to Greek mythology,
Poseidon (god of the sea) and Athena (goddess of wisdom) competed against each
other to try to gain control of the city of Athens. Eventually, Athena was
victorious and the city was named after her. Many temples and monuments in
Athens are dedicated to Athena. The famous ancient Panathenaea festival was
held in Athens every four years to celebrate her birth. During this festival,
people worshipped the goddess with music and sporting competitions.[/font]

[color:edb1=#FFC000][font:edb1=&quot]GOLDEN AGE[/font][/color]

[font:edb1=&quot]Athens and its surrounding
area have been inhabited since the Stone Age, and by the 9th century bc the early settlements began to
develop into a larger city. Athens withstood raids by the Persian Empire in the
5th century bc and developed into
a powerful city-state. The rulers of Athens encouraged the people to write
poetry and plays, make sculptures and build temples. The city became one of the
world’s leading cultural and artistic centres, and this “Golden Age” lasted for
nearly 80 years. Some of the greatest philosophers and thinkers, such as Plato
and Aristotle, lived in the city around this time and many of their ideas still
influence our way of life today.[/font]

[font:edb1=&quot]In 431 bc people from a rival
city-state called Sparta began a war with the people of Athens. Years later, in
404 bc, Sparta overpowered the
city and ended the “Golden Age”.[/font]

[color:edb1=#FFC000][font:edb1=&quot]ANCIENT AND MODERN LANDMARKS[/font][/color]

[font:edb1=&quot]The Agora, or marketplace,
of ancient Athens was the centre of community life. On the hill behind the
remains of the Agora stands the Acropolis, which is the city’s most famous
landmark. The Acropolis is a flat-topped hill about 150 metres above sea level,
which is home to the remains of several temples and other important buildings
that were built during the “Golden Age” of the 5th century bc. The Acropolis and its temples stood
guard over the Agora and the rest of ancient Athens. The Parthenon is the main
building on the Acropolis. It was the major temple of Athena and was completed
in 438 bc.[/font]

[font:edb1=&quot]At the heart of the modern
city is Constitution Square. Most of the buildings in this part of the city
date from after the mid-19th century. Important landmarks include the
Parliament Building and several museums, such as the National Archaeological
Museum, the Byzantine Museum and the Benaki Museum. The National Library of
Greece has approximately 2 million volumes of books.[/font]

[color:edb1=#FFC000][font:edb1=&quot]OLYMPIC CITY[/font][/color]

[font:edb1=&quot]Athens has hosted the
Olympic Games on two occasions. The first modern Olympics were held in the city
in 1896. An arena was built on the foundations of the ancient Panathenaic
Stadium, and 245 athletes from 14 different countries took part.[/font]

[font:edb1=&quot]Over 100 years later,
the city was chosen to host the Games again. Major redevelopment took place in
Athens ahead of the 2004 Olympics. The Greek government spent vast amounts of
money on improving the transport network in and around the city. Impressive new
sports stadiums, luxury hotels and tourist facilities were built. The city was
transformed into a modern metropolitan centre. The Games were a huge success,
attracting more than 10,000 athletes and around 3.5 million spectators from all
around the world.[/font]

[color:edb1=#FFC000][font:edb1=&quot]TRAFFIC AND POLLUTION[/font][/color]

[font:edb1=&quot]Air pollution is a major
problem for the city today. It is caused by the large number of factories in
the city, the dense population, a lack of green spaces and the fact that Athens
is the centre of the busy national transport network. The situation is made
worse by the fact that Athens is surrounded by hills, which trap the polluted
air and prevent it from moving away. The high level of pollution not only
affects the health of the people living there, but also causes damage to the
city's ancient monuments. Environmental protection schemes, such as traffic
bans, are in place in certain parts of the city to try to prevent any further

[b][font:edb1=&quot]Microsoft ®️ Encarta ®️ 2007. ©️
1993-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.[/font][/b]
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Athena(the city of old gods)
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