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sniper wolf
sniper wolf

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PostSubject: 2.Stone cold-Steve austin   2.Stone cold-Steve austin EmptyWed Feb 10, 2010 11:03 am

[b]Austin's Injury and Return[/b]

At [url=]Survivor Series[/url] (1999-11-14) Steve
Austin was hit by a car (scripted) in the parking area and Big Show took his
place in the Triple Threat WWF Championship match defeating Triple H and Rock.
Austin took the time off to undergo surgery to repair some prior injuries to his
neck as well as film two more episodes of Nash Bridges which aired [url=]May 5[/url] and [url=]May
Austin underwent surgery in January of 2000. His return to the WWF in some
capacity was definite but his in ring ability was questionable. The doctors
stated a recovery time of around 6 months. On 2000-01-30 Stone Cold was
interviewed at his home by Jim Ross, the Rattlesnake plans to be back in the
ring in 3 to 4 months. But refuses to get back in at less than 100%. Steve was
at the [url=]pre-WrestleMania[/url] show but did not
get involved in any matches. His rehabilitation was going well but doctors still
were reluctant to say he could ever compete again.
Austin appeared on WWF TV on SmackDown ([url=]2000-04-27[/url]). The Rattlesnake blew up the DX
Express bus after Rock announced that Austin would indeed make an appearance.
Then Stone Cold made his presence known at [url=]Backlash[/url] as he assisted Rock to
regain the WWF Championship. Although it was a premature return since he was not
physically ready for action.
On 2000-09-13 [i]Steve Austin married Debra[/i] in a small Las Vegas
ceremony. A couple weeks prior to [url=]Unforgiven 2000[/url] Stone Cold
announced he was going to be at the show to open the Stone Cold Court of Law and
find the person who ran him down. Stating he had waived any legal proceedings he
promised to open the biggest can of 'whoop ass' the WWF had ever seen.
Stone Cold continues his [i]investigation[/i] through October, which mostly
consisted of handing out stunners to much of the locker room. Commissioner Foley
ends up suspending Austin until the investigation is finished. Finally on [url=]October 09[/url] Rikishi (which didn't make much
sense) admits to running Austin down for The Rock. Commissioner Foley signs a
match against Rikishi at [url=]No Mercy[/url]. Then
Triple H reveals himself as Rikishi's accomplice, marking his return as a heel.
Stone Cold defeats Triple H in a no-DQ match at [url=]Survivor Series[/url]. Austin finds himself in a
Six-Way WWF Championship Match at [url=]Armageddon[/url].
January 2001 Stone Cold Steve Austin wins the [url=]Royal Rumble[/url]
for a WWF Championship match. And then at [url=]WrestleMania
XVII[/url] (aka X-Seven) Austin made one of the most surprising heel turns.
Stone Cold defeated The Rock on 2001-04-01 for the WWF Championship (5th
time) then defected to the Alliance (WCW and ECW resurrected to take over Sports
Entertainment). Austin's ring time decreasesd during this period. He lost the
title to Kurt Angle then regained it for a 6th reign as WWF Champion. Austin
(WWF Champion) and The Rock (WCW Champion) were defeated by Chris Jericho in a
tournament match to name an Undisputed Champion (2001-12-09).
[b]2002 Austin Walks Out[/b]

Austin walked out on the WWF in June 2002. Mostly due to the frustration with
his character and past injuries hindering his performance. While he was out of
the WWE Austin and Debra went their separate ways.
Around this time the ECW and WCW were reabsorbed, then the WWF became the
WWE, and RAW and SmackDown split the roster.
[b]2003 Austin Returns in Limited Capacity[/b]

On March 30, 2003 Stone Cold made his way to [url=]WrestleMania
XIX[/url] where he was finally defeated by The Rock.
2003-04-28 While Stone Cold was gone, Eric Bischoff mocked Austin a couple
times and eventually drove Jim Ross to quit. Lita quit about a week later when
Bischoff insisted she pose for Playboy. Linda MacMahon made one of her
infrequent visits to Raw, on April 28th, and announced a co-general manager to
keep Eric inline - Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Stone Cold remained as co-GM till November of 2003. Circumstances occurred
that forbid Austin from striking a wrestler without being provoked. Austin put
his career on the line at Survivor Series but his team lost and Stone Cold left
Raw. He made an appearance at a special Christmas event for the troops in Iraq,
he posed as Santa Clause and gave vince a stunner for a present. Fan response
helped to bring Stone Cold back under his own terms; as Sheriff of Raw near the
end of 2003.
[b]Stone Cold Walks Again[/b]

Austin's appearances were limited during his Sheriff reign in early 2004. (I
went to one of the events where he road an ATV to the ring with Earl Hebner on
the back. I'll try to post some pictures eventually.) He refereed the Brock
Lesnar vs Goldberg match at [url=]WrestleMania
XX[/url] and shortly after WWE and Stone Cold went their separate ways, apparently
over some contract dispute.
There was news of a multiple-movie contract with Stone Cold, backed by the
WWE. One of the being [url=,_The_-_2005]The Longest
Yard (2005)[/url] ([url=]Buy DVD[/url])
[b]2005 Steve Austin Returns Part Time[/b]

Stone Cold's first TV appearance in about a year was at [url=]WrestleMania
XXI[/url]. He made a couple appearances before making a bigger impact at WWE
Homecoming. The three hour special return of WWE to the USA Network (here's
hoping they don't get preempted by a dog show again...). Stone Cold showed up at
Homecoming and gave a stunner to Vince, Shane, Stephanie, and for the first time
ever Linda McMahon. Also during Homecoming, Hogan challenged Austin to a
[b]Recent ramblings[/b]

2005-10-28 Stone Cold is back to some of his old antics on Raw.
[b]Austin 3:16[/b]

When Steve Austin defeated World Wrestling Federation veteran Jake 'The
Snake' Roberts at the 1996 King of the Ring, Stone Cold informed the 'Snake' and
the world that, "Austin 3:16 says: [b]I just whooped your
Some people have a problem with this quote, feeling that its sacrilegious.
Well I didn't see the Jake Roberts vs Stone Cold match and don't know if Austin
created the line or the marketing department but I'm sure no sacrilegious
intentions were present. If anything, Roberts character at the time may've been
sacrilegious but I don't know what the man's true beliefs were. In any case,
[i]John 3:16 is: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only
Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal
A very important line in the Bible, which Roberts quoted at the event. This
provoked Austin's response of Austin 3:16.
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sniper wolf
sniper wolf

Age : 26
Location : hims
Points : 614
Registration date : 2009-07-30

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PostSubject: Re: 2.Stone cold-Steve austin   2.Stone cold-Steve austin EmptyWed Feb 10, 2010 11:04 am

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2.Stone cold-Steve austin
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