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 Travel Trouble

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Abdo Massouh
Abdo Massouh

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Travel Trouble Empty
PostSubject: Travel Trouble   Travel Trouble EmptyWed Apr 20, 2011 6:13 am

A Wet Weekend

We went on a trip last weekend
It was such a beautiful day
We left the city to see the country
but got lost along the way

We drove for endless hours
up dirt roads and down
with no idea where we were going
There wasn't even a town Exclamation

Then the clouds grew heavy and dark
A strong wind began to blow
We could see a storm was coming
It was time for us to go

We tried to turn the car around,
but it was all in vain.
Thunder clapped and lightning flashed,
]and down came pouring rain

How we got back home that day
I will never really know
But from my worst day I have learned

on country trips ,don't go study
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Travel Trouble
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