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 Wuthering Heights

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PostSubject: Wuthering Heights   Sun Feb 22, 2009 6:11 am

[color:037f=red]A Hint About the Story:[/color]
"Wuthering Heights" is one of the most famous romantic novels in England in the nineteenth century I love you . Even though it is the only novel that Emily Bronte wrote, it gave her a lot of fame in the English literature because of its greatness.
The narrator of this story is Mrs. Ellen Den :the housekeeper who worked in "Wuthering Heights"-The house of Arensho family. And here is the story:
Ellen Den's parents were the baby sitters of Kathren and Hendly Arensho so she knows the story.
[color:037f=red] The gypsy boy[/color]
One day the father of Hendly and Kathren found a dirty gypsy boy lost in the streets so he brought him home. The two children didn't like him, but the father insisted and called him Hethklef. The three children learned together. When Hendly went to university, Kathy and Hethklef became friends, and then fell in love with each other.
[color:037f=red]Hendly bequeath his father [/color]
When his father died ,Henry came with his wife and became the master, so he made Hethklef a servant. One day Kathy went to "Thrash Grange"- the house of Lenton family. And Edgar Lenton loved her, and asked her to marry him. She accepted for his money, but she wasn't sure. When Hethklef knew, he went away. Kathy's heart was broken, and she became sick. But then, she married Edgar. Then, Hendly's wife died after her son Herton was born. Hendly was very sad and he became always drunk, and he didn't care about his boy who became very rude. After three years, Hethklef came back. Kathy was very happy. But Edgar's sister (Ezabella) fell in love with Hethklef because he was very handsome. So he married her for her money without taking the permission of Edgar and Kathy who didn't agree. Hethklef treated Ezabella very badly.
[color:037f=red]Kathren after Kathren[/color]
Kathren became pregnant .And after giving her baby girl (Kathren), she became very sick and died after the visit of Hethklef. Hendly also died from drinking a lot of tipple after he lost all of his money for Hethklef from playing cards. Herton became a servant for Hethklef. Ezabella ran away from Hethklef before giving her baby (Lenton), and then she died so her brother Edgar took the boy. But then Hethklef took his baby back.
[color:037f=red]The new generation[/color]
The young Kathy became a beautiful girl. And one day she met Herton and then Lenton. Both of the boys liked her , but she loved Lenton and exchanged love letters with him secretly without telling her father Edgar. But that was the plan of Lenton's father Hethklef.
[color:037f=red]A kidnapping process[/color]
Edgar became very sick and worried about his daughter so he let her see Lenton. When she went, Hethklef arrested her and forced her to marry Lenton ,in that way Lenton will take Edgar's belongings. And then Edgar died and the plan succeed.
[color:037f=red]The dowager who didn't bequeath and the happy end[/color]After a week Lenton died. Hethklef took the belongings of both Hendly and Kathy. So she didn't have anything, and she was extremely sad. But then, Kathy and Herton started to be closer. And then, Hethklef died after spending weeks walking in the woods and talking to the soul of his lover Kathren. And he asked to be buried near Kathy and he wanted the two tombs to be cut from the sides. In the end, Herton and Kathy got married, and lived happily ever after.
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PostSubject: Re: Wuthering Heights   Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:00 am

thnx for the info

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Wuthering Heights
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